Our Bakeries/Cafes are Australian owned and operated, we serve everything from classic pastries to delicious gluten free & vegan goodies. All of our desserts & breads are made from scratch the old fashioned way, without the use of any preservatives, dough conditioners or stabilizers. At St Honore’ Bakery, everything we bake is hand crafted with the most important ingredient of all, LOVE.

ST Honore’ Bakery is the result of many years of planning. It was always a goal to create a place that would draw customers to the French bakery products and in turn, create a special place for our customers that they could call their own and be proud of.

From our perspective, with most of our wholesale customers being either based in Sydney region, we wanted to create a living showroom where we could try new concepts in cafe food. In designing Artisan, we were also mindful of our existing customers who wants just a pie to go and the customer who wants the total cafe experience.

The attention to detail is everywhere with themed seating areas that can accommodate up to 80 customers, very good atmosphere for groups that can relax and enjoy their coffee, We have a breakfast menu available daily from 6 am – 11:30am and are fully licenced so you can enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. Our cafe is open daily from 6am – 6:0pm. Please come and be amazed…..

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to the environment. Our operations are fully devoted to minimizing our impact on the ecosystem, and our procedures are constantly being re-evaluated to maximize performance and minimize waste. We believe in supporting local and sustainable businesses

Our Breads

A French Experience, Freshly baked every day for everlasting taste.

The basis of our baking techniques is the respect of the French tradition that has been passed on for generations. We prefer the method that champions a delicate balance of short mixing and slow fermentation alternated with a gentle manual touch to provide the perfect finish of a premier loaf of bread.

Sourdough has been made since ancient times; it dates back to Ancient Egypt around 1500 BC. In Europe it has been used as the main kind of bread until they developed a way to cultivate yeast in the middle Ages. Rye bread is still popular in Europe and since baker’s yeast isn’t really useful for leavening rye bread the sourdough method is still used.

From a scientific perspective, a sourdough starter is a natural leaven – a mixture of grains and liquid (usually flour and water) inhabited by so-called “wild” yeasts and bacteria which leaven and flavour bread dough. These yeasts are the yeasts that thrive naturally on the surface of grains, fruits and vegetables, in the air and in the soil.

St Honore Bakery… is a traditional French Bakery and Patisserie producing the most excellent freshly made bread, savoury, pastries and cakes, is also serving breakfast and lunch.

Our Bakery and Patisserie are fundamental to our business. They are define our approach to freshness, the best ingredients and traditional methods.

Our regular customers love to visit the Bakery every day to buy fresh bread, croissants, pastries and cakes.

Our bread is freshly made using the best flour, according to traditional methods, every day in our own kitchens. We use a range of different flours and recipes to produce a variety of breads including traditional French breads and others.

Every day our kitchens freshly bake the most delightful croissants and pastries as well as producing the most beautiful cakes to celebrate any occasion: Birthdays, Christmas and Weddings indeed almost any thematic cake you can imagine.

Our vision is to combine the traditional and the contemporary, St Honore’s kitchens produce the best quality fresh food, made from (where possible) local grown ingredients, which can be eaten at home.

A unique environment where the best quality food is available freshly, made in a traditional way in our kitchens whilst embracing the latest standards of food technology and hygiene.

St Honore’ Bakery: A Fresh Experience, Freshly baked every day for everlasting taste.